Like poetry, short stories are on a roll at the moment. With new platforms delivering words, electronic and otherwise, the genre is undergoing something of a renaissance. Which is good for writers and readers alike.

I’ve been writing short stories for a while, inspired by novelist Sarah Duncan’s brilliant creative writing courses on Friday afternoons in Bath.

In 2007 “We’ll Meet Again” was published in the Times Online, after it came second in their Halloween Ghost Story competition. Today you can read the story on your phone (if you have the Ether Books App – free to download):

       We’ll Meet Again:  All Billy wanted was for Dad to come home from the war. Now he’s haunted by his father’s ghost whistling somewhere in the house …

In 2011 Ether Books also accepted:

       Mrs Wilson’s Cats:  Teenager befriends crabby old lady – which sounds like a dreadful cliché. But it turns out they have much in common, including defeating the dark forces of Neighbourhood Watch.
        The Bet:  Your best mate’s getting hitched tomorrow and you’re pissed before the stag night even begins. Then you accept the bet, or is it a promise?
       If at first you don’t succeed …  Brian dreams up yet another excellent plan for murdering his mother.
       Various Infidelities:  Ars longa, vita brevis …  Life’s not going too well for poet Stephen Markowitch, then his wife walks out on him – again. Can he keep the faith?

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Unchained is a collection of short stories and poems by Bristol Women Writers, of which I am a member. It celebrates 400 years this December (2013) of Bristol Lending Library services, with an imaginative exploration of libraries in all their guises.

Profits from the sale of Unchained will go to the National Literacy Trust.

Unchained Collection